A Nice Woman

By Attila Zønn

“This woman was the nicest woman I’d ever met. She was so damn nice she actually made me feel guilty when I cheated on her. You know what? She was so nice she was the only woman who forgave me for everything. I mean, she was a dream. She would be every guy’s dream. You could be an asshole but she always made your breakfast and tucked you in at night, and gave you a kiss on the forehead. It was my way, all the way, all the time and yet I couldn’t handle it. Figure that out. I had to break it off with her because she was too good to me, because when it’s like that, when there’s no one there to check and balance you, you run wild. Do shit you never thought you’d do if someone was there giving you a hard time about it. You think twice with that kind of woman, but with this girl, I never thought once. I just did it. Man, I must’ve cheated on her so many times I lost count. Meaningless cheats of course. Impulsive cheats, you know? I don’t know why. It wasn’t like sex in our relationship was lacking. But still . . . I never told her I cheated of course. I mean, she was nice. I didn’t want to break her heart but the nicer she was to me the more I wanted to fuck somebody else. I still don’t understand it.”

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